1955-Our Grandfather started working in the tile installation business as a helper

1967-Our Father Lloyd Atwell, started as a laborer for tile installers. Through his continued experience, Lloyd became more diversified and added linoleum,hardwood and tile to his installation services.

1974-Lloyd continued to go as he started his own subcontract business.  This is where Frank, at the age of 4, began to work with his father and learn the trade.

The Atwell family has been in the business for almost 60 years and 3 generations.

While many years have passed and more and more new products have entered been introduced, the installation services that Frank continues to work on today has not.  Through the passing generations, Frank has been able to create, install and watch the floor industry change and evolve for over 25 years.

Come and see why dealing direct with a installation company that has a retail location is more cost effective with a family-owned business experience.

At Floor Designs One in Connecticut, you are not a customer number; you are a first name.  We take great pride in our customer service and helping clients and future generations of their families through the years.